The Breadrin

While most acts in music are sitting by the radio listening to what’s hot right now. The Breadrin are creating what’s about to be hot.

The Breadrin was started by two brothers, Chemical and Justice. Originally from Connecticut,. Later they would move to Charlotte N.C.. That’s where they met the third member of the group, Enforcer. Together, the three man team bring aim to being reality rap back to the Southern rap scene without compromising who they are as artists.

Growing up in Charlotte N.C. The Breadrin was inspired by the melting pot of influences that you find in the Q.C. “The scene here is everywhere. All over the place, they be on some whatever is popping at the moment stuff, There’s no true identity”

Drawing from the East Coast, West Coast and of course, the Dirty South, The Breadrin are able to reach all types of audiences all at once without selling themselves.

“We refuse to talk about things that are far fetched from our life or lifestyle. Everything you get from us is reality.”

Combining three unique voices, sounds and opinions together effortlessly, the group showcases hard-core lyrics and fluid unity they showcase on each track.

“It’s like having the brain, blood & the heart moving all at once.” Its that unity that has The Breadrin looking like one of the groups on the rise out of the Carolinas.

The Breadrin are the breath of fresh air that the industry needs right now. “We’re not looking to be the next so and so we want to bring “US” The Breadrin to the table.”

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